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TMJ Bruxism Therapy

The Temporal-Mandibular Joint, often referred as the TMJ, connects the lower and upper jaw and makes it possible for forward and backward movement, jaw rotation, and side-to-side jaw movements. TMJ also refer to conditions or pain with this joint.

Problems with the TMJ are often accompanied by pain, reduced movement of the jaw, clicking or snapping sounds, muscle spasms, or a locking of the jaw.

If you’re experiencing pain in your jaw, around your head or neck, coupled with headaches, dizziness, or ringing sounds in your ears, changes in your bite may relieve these symptoms.  Dr. Dinh has extensive training in neuromuscular dental care and can treat TMJ Bruxism.

Common dental treatments include:  night guards, bite guards, and bite modifications or adjustments.

If you live in or work around East Atlanta Stone Mountain, call Atlanta Dental Team Stone Mountain at (770) 469-1331 for an evaluation and the best TMJ treatment possible.